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          The Environment and Occupational Toxins
      Carbon disulphide, used as a solvent during the artificial silk manufacturing process, produces neurotoxicity and testicular damage.
     Dibromochloropropane– DBCP, used as a soil fumigant and as a nematocide, is a strong mutagenic and cytotoxic agent for testicles.
     Scientific researches, made in the USA, have shown that a substance used as fungicide and insecticide- decom hydrocarbon chlorine, seriously damages human central nervous system, the liver and it is a hepatic toxic. As a conclusion we can say that farmers are more prone to develop reproductive related affections and infertility.
     Also reproductive dysfunctions can develop in men/women exposed to plumb (painters, people who manufacture batteries, people who handle plumb-based combustibles).      An antifreeze substance- an ethylene-glycol metabolite is also toxic for the germinal cells. Men who have varicocele and also smoke face an increased risk of developing semen quality problems.
          Genital Tract Obstruction
     Genital tract obstruction occurs in 3 up to 13% of infertility cases. A vasography followed by a testicular biopsy to identify the possible obstruction and the normal spermatogenesis.
     Obstructive azoospermia appears in patients who have mucociliary transport disorders which cause bronchitis and bronchiectasis, also known as Young syndrome, gonocytes Epididymitis, tuberculosis, surgical traumas and tropical diseases.
          Immotile Sperm
     Immotile ciliary syndrome or Primary ciliary dyskinesia is a rare disorder caused a flaw in the cilium’s axoneme, located in sperm’s tale at the level of its respirator tract. Men with this dysfunction produce immotile sperm, with normal density and morphology. Other clinical symptoms of this condition are chronic sinusitis and bronchiectasis also known as Kartagener Syndrome.
          Ejaculatory dysfunctions
     Retrograde ejaculation and the complete lack of ejaculation are extremely rare conditions. The most common cause of these problems is diabetes mellitus, and in those cases many factors combine: neurologic, vascular and psychological factors although are correlated with normal testicular function. The absence of ejaculation is also given by other drugs as narcotics, sedatives and psychotropic drugs. Other causes include surgical operations in the pelvic or retroperitoneal areas and prostatectomy surgery. Men with spine marrow traumatisms are generally infertile because they also have genital tract obstructions, they lack ejaculation and they have dysfunctional seminiferous tubules. Ejaculatory impotence can be treated with sex-therapy and usually has psychological substrate. Seminal level less than 1 ml suggests androgenic deficit, but it also can be caused by incorrect semen collection. An idiopathic small spermatic volume is associated with a poor quality ejaculation.

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