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In vitro fertilization is sometimes the only hope a woman has to ever become a mother, but this intervention is not possible unless one meets certain requirements. Women need to prepare for in vitro fertilization both physically and emotionally, but few procedures are available that can help them undergo the positive changes in their mental and physical health to maximize the chances of a successful fertilization. Infertility is a condition that not only almost destroys your chances of having a child, but also breaks your spirit, which means that support on an emotional level is also needed. One of the most efficient methods of preparing women for in vitro fertilization by creating the optimum endometrium conditions is medical acupuncture. This treatment method will help increase the uterine blood flow, as well as support the embryo after the in vitro fertilization procedure. Men that wish to increase the quality of their sperm also use acupuncture with increased success. Medical acupuncture is available in almost all physio Ottawa clinics, but few practitioners specialize in enhancing the optimum endometrium conditions for women that will undergo in vitro fertilization.


What is infertility and in vitro fertilization?


Infertility is a medical condition of both men and women that refers to the inability to conceive after at least one year of unprotected intercourse. This condition affects numerous couples around the world and the causes of infertility are numerous and varied. Infertility often provokes serious mental traumas and can manifest in either or both partners. The treatment is also stressful and involves a constant physical strain on the reproductive system of the women undergoing treatment. In vitro fertilization is currently the most effective and popular method of treating infertility. Sub-fertile couples can resort to this type of treatment to increase their chances of conceiving.


How can acupuncture help?


Acupuncture is renowned for its results in fields where conventional treatment offered little success and in vitro fertilization is one of those fields. Although it is the most successful procedure, not even half of the couples undergoing this treatment are able to conceive. The use of physiotherapy and acupuncture to improve the condition of the body and enhance the general well-being of the patients can ultimately help with any disease. There are certain acupuncture procedures that focus on enhancing the uterus, helping women overcome various medical problems including infertility. Combining acupuncture treatment with in vitro fertilization can increase the chances of conceiving, so more and more couples are resorting to physio Ottawa specialists.

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