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All women have that maternal instinct, telling them to build a family and to take care of children. Pregnancy is a special time for women specifically for this reason. Still, as beautiful as this time might be, thinking of what will appear after 9 months, women have all sorts of issues while being pregnant and beyond, issues that prevent them from actually enjoying this special time. Depression is the biggest problem women have to face, both before and after being pregnant.  It is only natural, given the fact that their body changes a lot in these 9 months. Fighting depression in this particular situation is a very difficult mission and few women actually succeed. However, a discovery has been made with regards to this issue. Apparently, leading a healthy life, before being pregnant, but also during and after this time and incorporating sport, if possible, has spared some women of hurtful thoughts, keeping depression miles away. Here are some reasons for which making sport part of your life will help you enjoy your pregnancy and the baby that will be arriving.



Maintaining your looks


This might sound a bit shallow, but one of the biggest problems that women have to face up to when pregnant is seeing their body change. They gain weight, stretchmarks and cellulite might appear on their body. No wonder that they fall into depression and are inclined to follow all the ‘click here to lose weight fast’ recipes, which could seriously damage their health. Sport can be a life saviour in these situations, as it helps women to lose weight in a beautiful way, adequately shaping their body. Also, it has been proven that women who have an active lifestyle before and after getting pregnant will put on less weight than others. Undoubtedly, sport can help you deal with extra pounds and thus, depression effectively.


Keeping your tonus fresh


It is a known fact that at the level of the brain, sport has the same effect as eating chocolate. Both activities release endorphins, which, in popular language, means that it keeps you happy. This is the perfect treatment for any type of depression you might have to deal with. Postpartum depression is quite complicated and in some cases it might even prevent you from taking care of your baby. Still, a happy attitude could change all that and give you the push you needn’t to fight depression and to overcome this troubled time.


Sport means balance


It has been noticed that people who practice sport on a regular basis gain some kind of balance, equilibrium visible in the way they choose to resolve all sorts of problems. Depression is the kind of problem that praises on the weak individuals that are not particularly balanced. Making sport part of your life will offer you the shield you are in fact looking for, a shield to protect you from depression, before and after pregnancy




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