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     In order to prevent primary amenorrhea teenagers should practice a balanced exercise program and also pay special attention to their weight, and avoid at all costs eating disorders related with underweight like anorexia or bulimia. However primary amenorrhea can be caused by disorders of the anatomy of the reproductive tract which cannot be prevented. Late puberty can determine primary amenorrhea a condition which usually hasn’t indeterminate duration and doesn’t require medical treatment.

     There are few steps that a woman should follow in order to avoid further medical problems including amenorrhea: eating healthy; a low-fat diet which meets her body’s daily nutritional needs, it helps the body to reach a normal weight; maintaining a balanced body weight also means respecting a regular equilibrated exercise program; avoiding unnecessary physical intellectual and emotional stress by alternating work with recreation, and also very important is to avoid the excessive consumption of alcohol and cigarettes.

     Although primary amenorrhea doesn’t require special treatment, in a small proportion, if it’s not caused by late puberty, but by inherited abnormalities the treatment depends of the nature of the genetic disorder concerned.

     If the genetic abnormality affects the normal function of the ovaries the treatment consist in the administration of supplementary ovarian hormones in order to trigger the normal development of her secondary sex characteristics – the development of breasts and pubic hair, but also to prevent a, yet more serious problem: osteoporosis, usually caused by low estrogen levels. However, a structural problem in the anatomy of the vagina, unusual shape or small or no opening can determine this condition and, most times, it requires surgery.

     Secondary amenorrhea can have many other causes and the most common of them is pregnancy but also it can be caused by menopause or a hysterectomy operation, and in these cases, because there is the risk of osteoporosis and other low-estrogen related problems.

     There can also be other causes for secondary amenorrhea, and special attention and treatment are required depending on the cause.

     Stress can determine the evolution of this condition and when this happens, the woman must be directed towards a stress management program.

     Secondly, obesity is another common cause of amenorrhea and the currant physician should direct the woman towards a nutrition who should prescribe her a diet and orient her towards a regular exercise program to help her reduce bodyweight and improve body fitness.

     Strenuous training can be the determinant cause of interrupted periods and the currant physician should recommend a more balanced athletic training in order to reestablish the normal cycle. Moderate exercise lowers the low-estrogen related problems like ischemic heart disease, osteoporosis, infertility or vaginal tissues thinning.

     If in the organism emerges an abnormal hormonal level it can stop the egg release from the ovary thus leading to a condition called anovulation, condition which requires hormonal treatment.

     Another, yet not very frequent cause of amenorrhea is the existence of tumors of cysts located in the uterus, ovaries or the pituitary gland, and depending on the type of tumor and its position surgical intervention can be sometimes required.

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