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One of the most heartbreaking issues for women is the impossibility of getting pregnant. Unfortunately, there are so many possible causes of infertility and very few solutions. As anyone can imagine, the situation is devastating for any woman. They find out they can’t conceive only after getting their hopes high. Infertility has an impact not only on their self-esteem, but also on their relationship with the partner. Although they try everything under the sun, nothing seems to work. However, there is a type of treatment that every woman can try: physical therapy. Using physical therapy techniques is less expensive in comparison to in-vitro fertilization and it is less invasive. Physio Ottawa does help women become pregnant.

Psychological issues of infertility

Infertility is defined as the inability to conceive naturally. Women who get pregnant and then experience miscarriages are also considered to be infertile. Besides being a growing problem, infertility has psychological ramifications as well. This means that infertility has a significant impact on the couple. Although it is believed that women are those who mostly suffer, men too are affected by the loss of a child. The woman’s inability to conceive results in stress, anxiety and even depression in the couple. Fortunately, there is an answer to this problem: physical therapy.

What does the treatment imply?

Physical therapy aimed at treating fertility issues is very different from the physical therapy used for treating orthopaedic problems. The treatment aimed at helping women achieve pregnancy is called manual physical therapy. Physical therapy techniques such as visceral mobilization help women increase the mobility of the internal organs as well as that of the abdominal wall. The goal is to improve movement restrictions, which ultimately results in improved overall function, meaning the function of the ovaries, uterus and the fallopian tubes. The manual technique can be defined as gentle. The therapist uses a hands-on approach to decrease restriction. The hands-on technique is at the same time effective and safe.

How does exercise help?

The manipulation of pelvis visceral organs helps boost baby making chances. What happens is that the technique increases the blood flow and mobility. When the uterus is malpositioned, the blood flow to the reproductive organs is reduced, resulting in infertility. In the course of therapy, the organs are repositioned, the blood flow reaches the reproductive organs and the system is generally healthier. Basically, the pelvis and the organs are prepared for normal function. In addition to this, physio addresses emotional issues as well because the therapist work closely with the patient to overcome stress.

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