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Usually the success rate is very difficult to establish and is different from one IVF clinic to another. The success rate depends on what basis is calculated. Some clinics, for advertising reasons, say that their IVF success rate is very big but they don’t mention how was this calculated, if they take into consideration just a successful implantation or an ongoing pregnancy or the actual delivery. Because of the fact that there are so many ways to calculate it is very difficult to compare the IVF success rate of the IVF clinics. The patients should ask these things before choosing to follow an infertility treatment at a certain clinic. On the other hand every person is unique so the success rate depends also on a series of factors like patient’s age, the duration or the severity of the infertility. In addition to this sperm abnormalities, smoking, immunologic infertility or the number of babies that the couple already had can interfere with the success rate of in fertilization procedure.

Some infertility clinics actually refuse to treat couples with severe infertility problems so that they won’t lower the clinic’s success rate.

The success rate can be increased by freezing the extra healthy embryos (this way the next IVF cycle will be less expensive) or by simply repeating the treatment.

The success rate is affected also by male factor in a proportion of 40%. A solution for this problem is ICSI (Intracytoplasmic sperm injection).

Even though in vitro fertilization and ICSI are used for many years now the success rate varies between 1% and 50% for inexplicable reasons. That is why specialists searched for other solutions. They found out that the chance of getting pregnant increases on women who add acupuncture to the infertility treatment. An experiment was done on 160 women about the same age which were divided in 2 groups. A number of 2-3 embryos were transferred into the women uterus from both groups. The process took place similar on both groups except the fact that the women from one of the groups received also two acupuncture sessions. After six weeks an ultrasound examination was performed and the number of pregnancies was bigger on women who had received acupuncture treatment.

So it seems that acupuncture helps the uterus to relax increasing the success rate for in vitro fertilization procedure.

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