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     Used by couples, who have failed to conceive through natural methods for at least one year, and in if infertility treatments also failed, In Vitro Fertilization is a procedure that helps thousands of women all over the globe, give birth to healthy normal babies.

     In vitro fertilization is a very effective method for people suffering from a series of conditions such as blocked fallopian tubes or pelvic adhesions, for those who had tubal ligation surgery or vasectomy and reconsidered their decision, contracting reversal surgery, in the case of male infertility, advanced female age, reduced ovarian reserve, endometriosis, and many other conditions, which cause infertility.

     Nevertheless, a very important question for those who consider resorting to this procedure is “How much does in vitro fertilization cost?”, and a full understanding of the overall costs of the in vitro fertilization is required.
First, we have to take into consideration the price of the basic IVF treatment, which usually includes the specialist’s fee for the collection of the egg, the embryo transfer, the embryologist’s fee for fertilization, anesthetics, theatre charges and ultrasound scans. Therefore, the price for a single cycle of fertilization is around $10,000 in USA, $5,000 in Canada, $4,000 in Japan, $3,600 in UK, and even $2,500 in Nederland, $2,300 in China or $1,600 in Korea.

     To the base price of the intervention will later be added – the price of the initial consultation, (6% -10% of the cost), hormonal drugs (which can increase the costs with 20% to 80%), in some cases intracytoplasmic sperm injection (which brings a plus of 28% up to 40%). Moreover, embryo freezing, which, although can be covered by the cost of the basic treatment, can also bring a plus of $10%, and up to 100% storage fee, other investigations can increase the costs with up to 50%.
Parents can choose to have, for an additional 55% up to 120%, a Preimplantation genetic screening, available in only a few clinics across the globe, which enables their doctor to select for implantation only the best genetically, configured embryos.

     Depending on the country where the procedure is performed, there is another regulatory fee of 4% up to 5%, which can be charged separately or, depending on the clinic’s policy, can be included in the basic cost of the IVF treatment.
     Furthermore, depending on the age of the woman, the cause of infertility and on various other factors, a woman will pass through several IVF Cycles; therefore, the approximate costs of the procedure are deeply connected with the pathology of the patient, growing up to $1,250. 000.00.

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